Conditions of Acceptance:

  • All work accepted at owner’s risk, no exceptions.  There are many factors, which have an effect on the finished product such as: Time of year, climatic conditions, field dressing techniques and the decay factor of raw skins and hides.  Taking a little extra time on the part of the hunter as well as the taxidermist can mean the difference.  Ensure that your hides and trophies are handled properly and that they reach the dresser as soon as possible.  Salt is cheap and can save a trophy that would otherwise be wasted.  Because we have no idea how goods have been handled before they reach our plant, we are only able to give you results as good as the material we receive to work with We cannot offer any guaranty on dressing and therefore cannot accept any responsibility.

  • We reserve the right to charge additional on skins that are improperly handled i.e., extra salting or fleshing.


  • Payment must be received prior to goods being shipped.
  • Freight charges and insurance during shipping are the responsibility of the customer.
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